Jack o Lantern Nebula

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There are a number of online tools and Lorem Ipsum generators, the most popular being Lipsum, that help designers generate the exact amount of filler text they require, but they often lack personality. There are a few out there that innovate on the concept. For example, Hipster Ipsum, mashes up hipster culture with latin text, and Cup Cake Ipsum, adds a bits of text like “chocolate bar danish” to the filler text – and that got us thinking – wouldn’t it be great to have a generator that uses historic space quotes?

Lorem Ipsum is the standard filler text used in design throughout the world. It’s been the standards since the 1500’s and it’s time for an update. The NASA OpenGov team took the opportunity at Science Hack Day to create a new online tool to generate filler text based on a database of historical space quotes. The project serves as an example of what can be done to utilize historic NASA data and mash it up in a new and exciting way. Although a “lorem ipsum” generator may seem inconsequential at first glance, the weekend project will serve as the backbone to a future data mashup project for the NASA OpenGov team. We’d appreciate your comments and feedback and have provided more information about the history of Lorem Ipsum and the tool we’ve created below.

Space Ipsum

The “space ipsum” generator produces random filler content that you can use for a number of purposes ranging from website design to school essays. We do not recommend using text generated from a random content generator for your school essays.

To use the generator, visit Space Ipsum, and simply enter a number and then click “engage”. The output will be a selection of content generated from a database of famous quotes from the history of spaceflight. Additionally, you can choose to output the content in HTML format by checking the appropriate button.

With that he went and held Don Quixote’s stirrup, who having ate nothing all that day, dismounted with no small trouble and difficulty.

In short, let if be what it will, so it comes quickly; for the weight of armour and the fatigue of travel are not to be supported without recruiting food.

Thereupon they laid the cloth at the inn-door for the benefit of the fresh air, and the landlord brought him a piece of the salt fish.

Jack o Lantern Nebula
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